Austrian Association for Contemporary Art and Music


Workshop program 2014

This workshop is dedicated to enthusiastic musicians and composers from

Jordan and students from King`s Academy. During this week at King`s

Academy, renowned Austrian composer Johanna Doderer, conductor Ewald

Donhoffer and Sound Designer David Muellner will work with young musicians

and composers on contemporary and classic pieces for choir. Students will

have the chance to get a profound insight into contemporary music from

Austria. They will get the chance to learn about choir singing techniques and

much more. If this won`t be enough, Dozan Wa Awtar choir

will join the workshop to give an unforgettable music experience to all!

Last but not least there will be lectures in music history and sound design.

This project is being organized together with King`s Academy and the Austrian

Embassy in Amman.

for more information, please visit:

Dozan Wa Awtar Music Establishment

Dozan Wa Awtar Choir in action...

2nd Workshop at king`s academy, Jordania