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When we first met in September 2010, we have been overwhelmed by the diversity and quality of the work of Iranian artists.  Our vision is to bring the participants of the last contemporary workshop together again.

This time Stefan Höll und David Müllner focus on composition and sound design for film as well as contemporary music. We will present some short films. During the workshop, selected participants will compose and produce a complete sound track for a short film clip of their choice. Together with the particpants, we will work on their ideas, record music, produce them on site and put them together on „celluloid“. At the end of the workshop we will have a public presentation at the ÖKF. The participants will present music from the 20th and 21st century and the soundwork on short films. 

The public presentation and concert at the ÖKF was a hige success. About a hundred people listened to the contributions, a big applaus for the artists was a very welcomed reward and feedback!

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Presented programm and Artists

Eugene Ysaye, „Les Furies“

Sonata No.2 for solo violin

Allegro furioso

Farmer Beygloo, Violine solo


Franz Burkhart

Sara Zaher, Sanaz Zaher, Gitarre

Hossein Pishkar, „Emigration“

Golnar Mohajeri, Cello

Saeb Kakavand, „Improvisation“

Saeb Kakavand, Taar

Sohrab Dschalaie, „Piece for violin“

Sohrab Dschalaie, Violine

Franz Schubert, „Ländler“

Farshid Mohammadzadeh, Klavier

Nima Babaei, Klavier

Presentation of the media workshop:

„Sambesi, der donnernde Fluss “

Music by Farshid Mohammadzadeh & Nima Barbei

„Sambesi, der donnernder Fluss“

Music by Mohammadreza Farajollahi

„Sambesi, der donnernde Fluss“

Music by Stefan Höll

„Kreisky – Politik und Leidenschaft“,

Music by Mazyar Younesi

„Kreisky – Politik und Leidenschaft“,

Music by Stefan Höll and Belusch Korenyi


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2nd Workshop in Tehran, Iran