Austrian Association for Contemporary Art and Music


Concert in Dar al-Assad on 23 April 2009

The cooperation between the Higher Institute of Music, Damascus (HIM) and the Austrian Association for Contemporary Art and Music, Vienna (AACAM) dates back to 2007 and merges the contemporary music–scene of Vienna, Austria and the vibrant musical talent of the students at the HIM. Annually a series of workshops at the HIM allows students to immerse into the contemporary music-scene of Vienna and to get a good understanding of interpretation of contemporary music and its roots.

This year’s workshop held in March and April 2009 will focus on the interpretation of modern music as well as on the understanding of its roots in the classical field. Maestro Missak Baghboudarian and Maestro Ewald Donhoffer elaborated a program for the students’ orchestra of the HIM which offers a good insight into the workshop’s set focus.

„I am very proud of the strong engagement of the students, the Director of the HIM, the close cooperation of Maestro Baghboudarian and the support of Dar al-Assad and many friends for this project. There is a lot of talented young musicians in Syria and HIM is a great chance to meet them and to work with them.” David Muellner, Director of AACAM and director of sound department at the Burgtheater (national theatre of Austria), said.

“It’s a good opportunity for the students to learn what is happening now in the city of Music, Vienna.” Professor Hassan Taha stated. “And it is a good chance for us teachers to engage in discussion, to build bridges and to prove our work is making progress.”

Workshop 2009

Maestro Baghboudarian happily agreed to engage in the project and developed together with Maestro Donhoffer this year’s mission: The specialities of interpretation of works throughout the centuries, the special colours of the sounds as well as techniques of play are in the centre of attention.

Since February students at the HIM are studying works of Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert as well as of Hassan Taha and Stefan Höll. In March the students’ orchestra started with intensive rehearsals.

The final outcome of all the effort made in this year’s workshop will be presented on April 23, 2009 when the students’ orchestra will perform the program in a special concert held at Dar al-Assad. The evening will be conducted by Ewald Donhoffer and Missak Baghboudarian. The Maestros will comment on the pieces presented for the audience. The concert will be recorded by AACAM.

Tickets are available through Dar al-Assad. The organizers want to express their sincere thanks to Dar al-Assad for supporting this project.